Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 2--And So It Continues

Well, after we got started yesterday morning, we decided that because of how the house is made, we couldn't just paint the dining room, so Richard started at the top of the steps and worked his way around the entire upstairs! I decided I needed to organize and clean kitchen cabinets. So at this point, the house looks REALLY, REALLY bad! LOL Everything is out of most of the kitchen cabinets because I ran out of Mr. Clean Magic Erase pads, and nothing else works so I have to finish that up today. The only painting that is left is the little rails between the steps and the dining room doors and then the fun part begins!
Here are a couple of pics from this morning.

Looking good, huh? LOL

I should go now, as you can see there is no time to waste!
Enjoy your day,

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