Sunday, January 18, 2009

Scenes From A Birthday

We had a great time celebrating Brittany's birthday! After she arrived, she opened her gifts first. The gift from Mom and Dad was a bit "different" this year. When she opened our gift, it was an empty money sleeve that once held 50-one dollar bills!
I explained to her that since she was no longer a teenager, and now is an official adult, she would have to work for her money, and work she did! Megan and I had hidden 50-one dollar bills all around the upstairs and it was Brittany's job to find them. After a lot of time and several hints, she found them all!

After the treasure hunt it was time for the yummy cake!

Here is the cutest little party goer!


Blogger Angie Russo said...

Lisa Ann ~ I really enjoy your pics and your thoughts. Course I have always enjoyed you!
I liked the idea of how Brittany had to get her money! priceless!
I just looked at your little pic up in the corner,my what a pretty scarf! :)
Quite lovely. ( hee hee)
Looks good on you , thanks for wearing it!
love you ,
keep on typing !!

January 19, 2009 at 5:08 AM  

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