Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Brittany!

Today is Brittanys 20th birthday and I cannot believe it.
I know people say "it seems like yesterday" but it really does seem like yesterday that my first baby was born.
I was only 21 and so excited to meet my baby girl.
Even way back then she was stubborn, arriving 2 weeks late!
Brittany really is a lot like me.. Not afraid to say what is on her mind, sensitive behind the rough exterior, loves to laugh, and realizes that Jesus really does keep on loving us no matter what.
Today, we are true friends. There is nothing that we cannot talk about and share with each other and I feel so blessed that God has given Brittany to me.
Happy Birthday Brittany Nicole.. I love you!
PS Don't tell Megan but you've always been my favorite!



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