Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter in Cricket County

It's Easter in Cricket County, and the Taylor clan has taken it upon themselves to host this year's Easter sunrise service in their own front yard. The action begins half an hour before sunrise as Grandma Taylor sweeps the front porch of her cabin and sets out the lawn chairs as she prepares for the parishioners to arrive.

Glenda Mae and Brenda Mae, the identical twins.

Elkin and Fester

She isn’t very happy, however, that her highbrow family members
from the city are showing up this year. These city dwellers have
always been after the coal mines and oil fields the Taylors
inherited from their late Uncle Zeke, and Grandma knows this
year will be no exception for these money-grubbing kinfolk. Sure
enough, the city bunch shows up, keeping their eyes open for a
new “treasure” they heard Grandma found recently.
Cousin Oswald and Cousin Mimi arrive from the city

Cousin Pete and Cousin Petunia soak it all in and try their best to keep the peace.

The twins present their city cousins with these beautiful, handmade by Grandma Taylor Easter Bonnets to wear to the sunrise service. As you can see by their faces, the city cousins are thrilled with the gift!

Fresh from slopping (or, ahh slapping) the hogs, Preacher Hobbs arrives to conduct the sunrise service.

Once the sunrise service begins, however, thoughts quickly turn to
the true meaning of Easter as everyone, including the city bunch,
begins sharing what the Resurrection means to them. The twins sing a lovely easter hymn for the service.

When Grandma's treasure is revealed and the sun starts to rise above the ridge, greedy hearts are softened

and the things that are truly important are put in their proper perspective.

Hope you enjoy your upcoming sunrise service, just like the cousins.

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