Saturday, April 11, 2009


After a LONG week of sorting thru receipts, punching numbers in the calculator, and lots of aggravation, I am happy to report that all the prep work for our taxes is complete! I thought I would be done by 1:00 at the latest yesterday, and ended up not being done until more like 7:45 after our internet went in and out and I could not get online reports that I needed.
Anyway! Today we are shopping for Megan's Easter outfit and for Richard a new tie.
This evening, Brittany and Kadence are coming over to dye eggs and prepare for the arrival of the always loveable Easter Bunny!
Tomorrow at 7:00 we are all going to Sunrise Service, followed by breakfast at Church. Then, in the afternoon, my brother and his family will be here.
It will be a busy, but fun weekend and I will take lots of pics!
Happy Easter to all of you and Thank You Heavenly Father for giving me eternal life!



Blogger Leslie said...

Sweet. You do sound busy. I am going to do a friend's taxes this afternoon and probably work on mine tomorrow after church. Amazing this photo of your daughter looks exactly like my daughter's best friend growing up in a small town in Virginia. I could have sworn it was Celeste except that she is in her twenties now.
Happy Easter

April 11, 2009 at 12:11 PM  

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