Thursday, September 3, 2009

One Word

You can play this too, just cut and paste, add your own response and paste into your blog…

One Word:
you’re feeling: Sleepy
to your left: Ink
on your mind: Kadence
last meal included: Pasta
you sometimes find it hard to: Sleep
something you have a collection of: Baskets
a smell that cheers you up: Cinnamon
a smell that can ruin your mood: Seafood
how long since you last shaved:Yesterday
the current state of your hair: Sassy
the largest item on your desk/workspace right now (not computer): Organizer
your skill with chopsticks: Poor
which section you head to first in the bookstore: Religion
…and after that?: Crafts
something you’re craving: CheeseStraws
your general thoughts on politics: Boring
how many times you’ve been hospitalized this Year: Nada
a favorite place to go for quiet time: Prayer
you’ve always secretly thought you’d be a good: friend
something that freaks you out a little: speeding
something you’ve eaten too much of lately: everything
you have never: ski'd
you never want to: bungee



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